Tonsil Stones Treatment


Tonsil Stones Treatment Explained

Tonsil stones are disgusting -- luckily there is tonsil stones treatment.

Tonsil stones are disgusting -- luckily there is tonsil stones treatment.

There are several options for tonsil stones treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. Tonsil stones occur when bacteria, impurities, or mucous become trapped in the nooks and crannies in the tonsils and cause swelling and infection. The severity of this condition may range from a little soreness to a swollen tonsil that blocks the ability to eat and swallow.

No Tonsil Stones Treatment

Some individuals are susceptible to tonsil stones. They come and go with no treatment necessary, and they are cognizant of what the symptoms feel like; their experience tells them how long the episode is likely to last.

In-Home Removal

For some, the tonsil stones are easy to see in the mirror and can be dislodged simply by using a cotton swab or a tooth pick. If this does not work immediately, it is not recommended that attempts continue.

Salt Water

A very effective natural treatment of tonsil stones is salt water. A salt water gargle makes a great tonsil stones treatment because tiny grains of salt become lodged in the tonsils, encouraging the body to heal around the salt, healing around the tonsil stones and ridding itself of them at the same time. The salt water also offers an immediate relief from the pain.


Tonsil stones treatment sometimes must be more aggressive. If at-home treatments are not working for you will need to seek professional medical treatment. Your physician will most likely prescribe antibiotics. Remember that while antibiotics make a great treatment for tonsil stones, they will only get rid of your acute symptoms; if you are a sufferer of chronic stones, they will come back. It is also necessary to note that antibiotics are one tonsil stones treatment that may offer negative side effects.


In some cases, when the tonsil stones do not respond to other attempts to rid yourself of them, surgery may be necessary. Often, the procedure is simple and requires only a local anesthetic; this procedure can be done in the doctor’s office. In other cases, a surgical tonsil stones treatment will require a general anesthetic and a hospital stay. This could involve removal of the stones or of the entire set of tonsils.


As with many other medical conditions, the best treatment for tonsil stones is prevention. Tonsil stones are most common in people who are chronic sufferers of tonsillitis. If you have repeated bouts of tonsillitis and are also dealing with tonsil stones, you should talk to your doctor about having your tonsils removed, thus ridding yourself of the source of the problem.

If you can identify tonsil stones because you have had them before, it is advisable that you try one or more of the natural treatments named above. If, however, you are experiencing bad breath, a sore throat, and swelling that is hampering the ability to swallow, you should consult a physician before attempting to treat it yourself. The appropriate tonsil stones treatment will provide lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of the condition.

With that, I wish you the very best of luck in treating your tonsil stones.

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