Tonsil Stone Symptoms – Do You Have Any?


Tonsil Stone Symptoms – See If You Have Any

The most common tonsil stone symptoms is the appearance of white chunks, which are actually fragments of tonsil stones or actual tonsil stones themselves.

The most common tonsil stone symptoms is the appearance of white chunks, which are actually fragments of tonsil stones or actual tonsil stones themselves.

Tonsil stones symptoms 101…

Tonsil stones are a harmless issue that attacks many. It is mainly common in adults. Children are rarely attacked by them. Anyone who has some rare protuberances or feels like scratching the back of his throat the probability that he is suffering from tonsil stones is quite high. The most common of many tonsil stone symtoms is bad breath.

The good thing is that you should not fear as the tonsil stones are not usually harmful even though they may appear to be.

Tonsil stone s are not that easy to see even when they are quite large most of them are usually seen by accident when one goes for  x rays or CT scans. Even though they may not be harmful they usually have really frustrating symptoms when they are left untreated. The most popular tonsil stone symptoms are listed below.

Here are the most common tonsil stone symptoms:

The most common one is foul breath. It is also referred to as halitosis. This tonsil stone symptom occurs when the tonsils are infected. There have been studies to try and see whether the bad breath of people with tonsil stones contains any sulfur. It has been seen that the presence of this compounds is what made the breath to smell that bad. The studies have proved that majority of the people whose breath contained these compounds suffer from tonsil stones. The bad breath usually is not that intense in the early stages.  Many people usually just opt to cover it up using mint. However, with time, the mint will not be able to cover the smell any longer. As the stones grow, so does the intensity of the smell. The only remedy would be to have the disease treated.

The second of many tonsil stone symptoms is white colored debris. The white debris usually appears at the back of the throat usually as a hard material or a lump. They are usually hidden within the tonsil folds. In situations similar to this they are usually only detectable with the help of CT scans or MRI.

The third symptom would be an irritated throat. It is usually very difficult to be able to establish whether it is a tonsil stone or tonsillitis that is causing the irritation. It is especially difficult if you have both infections at the same time. However, if you have a tonsil stone you will tend to feel sore or tender where the stone is lodged.

Another symptom is having extreme difficulty while trying to swallow. The amount of pain that one experiences is dependent on the area where the stone is located. You will experience pain while swallowing both food and liquids.

Another symptom would be ear aches. This occurs due to the shared nerve paths thus one experience the pain even though the stones do not touch the ear.

When you have tonsil stone, one also experiences tonsil irritation. When the stone forms from the collected material it can actually cause the swelling of the tonsil.

If you happen to have any of the above tonsil stone symptoms it would be advisable that you go see a doctor. This will prevent the disease from spreading any further.

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