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From the Desk of:
Winston Marquis
622 Grand Ave., Franklin, CA
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear Friend -

My name is Winston Marquis I know why you’re here today. You have tonsil stones and you want to remove them. Not only do you want to get rid of them — you want a cure for them.. you want to end them for good.

I understand completely…

I too have suffered with tonsil stones all my life. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had chronic health issues with my nose and throat — including postnasal drip, frequent sore throats, and white spots that would show up on my tonsils. (…little did I know that these were tonsil stones, and that they’d lead me to much embarrassment and humiliation into my adult life.)

As a child I’d often cough up a lot of phlegm with these strange white chunks. Not knowing a remedy, I’d live on — shamefully hiding these strange and disgusting occurrences from my parents and friends.

Into my teen years, I had many friends. I was a star soccer player and I was sort of popular. As I grew closer with many of the guys, we learned to call things to each others attention. You know — we’d give each other tough times — as most young men do.

One day I was talking to a girl with my close friend at my site. He interrupted us and jokingly told me that I should go use some mouthwash. He said my breath was terrible. I was shocked and embarrassed and completely humiliated. I thought he was kidding, but he claimed he was 100% serious.

I hated it when other people had horrible breath. Now I was “that guy”!

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I immediately became self-conscious. At the time I had not seen the mysterious “throat chunks” in several months. Part of me had forgotten about them. But then one day, after coughing up some phlegm after a long workout, the tonsil stones were back.

I then remembered the extreme smell of them – a putrid egg smell, almost comparable to fecal matter. Disgusting, I know. I realized they had to be a contributor to my bad breath. I described the smell to a good friend. “Yes,” he stated. “That is exactly what your breath always smells like!”

I immediately realized I needed help — I needed to find a cure fast and learn to get rid of tonsil stones for good!

I Could No Longer Ignore My Problem… It Was Ruining My Life!

Within the next year, many people had openly confessed that I had very bad breath. I tried to cover it up with gum, but the moth-ball odor came out whenever I opened my mouth. I had had enough…

My first choice was to see the dentist.  The dentist would know about these strange things, I imagined…

When I described the white chunks to the dentist, I was surprised to find that he was unfamiliar with such things! He said that oftentimes food can get stuck between teeth or in sockets from pulled teeth.

I realized that although his statement may be right, he did not understand my problem — these smelly white chunks came from somewhere deeper in my throat.

After a thorough teeth cleaning and a large dentist’s bill, I decided I needed to research further… I needed to see a doctor…

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The Shocking Truth On Doctors: His Opinion Failed Me… For the Most Part!

So I went to see a doctor.  I immediately found a family doc in the Buffalo (New York) area and set up an appointment.  When I arrived at his office, I described the exact symptoms of my issue: I told him I would often cough up white-yellowish chunks of foul smelling matter.

I explained that would often feel a strange sensation in my throat — almost like a piece of food that was stuck. I would then cough up the white debris into my mouth.

The doctor looked at me with an astonished look. He’d not heard this one before. He immediately grabbed a tongue depressor and looked into my throat… and he saw something.

What he described were white spots — or chunks —  were sticking out from my tonsils. He was unsure of what they were, but he said that the tonsils have many “crypts” where food and other matter are sometimes trapped.  He said the white spots were likely decaying matter.

He immediately said I may have tonsillitis and that I should see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor.

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My Visit To An ENT Doctor – A ‘Sort-of’ Success Filled With Strange Results

Long story short — the ENT doctor told me I had tonsillolith, or tonsil stones. He said that tonsil stones – also known as tonsil calculi -were a product of phlegm, decaying matter and bacteria. Over time they pick up debris and grow like pearls on the ocean floor. Starting slow, they grow slowly, soaking up bacteria and other gross gunk.

I was disgusted but relieved.  I asked him how he could fix it.

He looked at me and sternly stated that the only option is surgery. He could remove my tonsils, for a price of $2195.

Shocked at the ridiculous price,  I turned him down.  I HATE surgery. I absolutely fear knife-eager doctors who want to simply cut you for a quick fix and a fast buck. He even admitted to me that tonsil removal is expensive and much more painful for adults.  I turned him down and told him I’d find as solution of my own.

I Was So Fed-Up With the Advice of My Doctors — I Decided to Find My Own Cure!

I decided to hit the books. Like a madman, I  researched libraries and then the internet. Back then, the internet didn’t have much good information (to be honest, it often it still doesn’t!)…

I ‘came out’ about my problem and I talked to many other people who too had struggled with tonsil stones. I quickly found out I was not alone! It was rather shocking to find out how many people had suffered with tonsil stones (some people call them tonsilloliths and others call them tonsil rocks).

Over time, I developed my own tricks of the trade.  I found out what exactly contributes to the rapid growth tonsil stones and how to cease their fast production. I found out how to manually remove my tonsil stones, quickly and easily. How relieving it was!

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So I Decided to Create a Digital Guide — and Now Its Here for You – One Click Away!

That’s right. I’m willing to share my experiences with you in an easy to use, PDF guide that will answer the bulk of your tonsil stones questions. Now – I am not (yet) a doctor. But I am convinced I know more than most doctors as I have experienced tonsil stones first hand. Unlike them, I’ve thoroughly educated myself on tonsil stones — by academic research and by first hand experience.

Others, too, have saved a significant amount of time, pain, and embarrassment by downloading my product and learning how to eliminate tonsil stones from their lives. Read below to see what customers are saying:

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C.S. Phoenix, AZ

And My Life Has Dramatically Changed… I Now Live Tonsil Stone FREE!

That’s right — I am now tonsil stone free. I’ve done thorough research and have created my own organic, tonsil stone terminating techniques and remedies.  I am not afraid to speak to people anymore. I am not afraid to show my face on this website. I no longer have a low self-esteem as a result of bad breath.  I am a survivor of this nuisance, and I am not embarrassed to talk about to the world (via the internet)!

So go ahead, download my guide. I am rock-solid confident you’ll benefit greatly from it. If by any reason you’re not satisfied, email me — we’ll work out a full refund without any questions asked.

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Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the very best in your battle with tonsil stones.

And I want to take this time to say congratulations for taking the effort to move forward and do something productive. You see, I talk to a lot of people that want to end their tonsil stones for good..  But they often go on about their way and they just never confront their problem. There’s a great quote that 50% of success is just showing up. You’ve showed up — now its time to take action. Good luck!

Here’s to your new tonsil stone free life!

My Very Best,


Winston Marquis – Author Terminate Tonsil Stones

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